Why Juice?


The FAQs should be used as general guidance only and not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner if you have any concerns about your health, or before you embarking on any plan of treatment. Nothing in these FAQs should be taken as a guarantee. You are responsible for verifying for yourself the accuracy and suitability of all information and opinions shared here. We accept no responsibility for any loss or harm that may occur as a result of using or misusing this information or in your failure to seek appropriate medical advice.

What is the difference between a Juice and a Smoothie?

Juice is juiced with a juicer. Juicers extract the juice contained within the fibres and separates the pulp (insoluble fiber) from it. You discard the pulp and drink the juice. You still get fibre in the form of soluble fibre. We know, crazy, right? You just learnt something new today.

A smoothie is made in a blender. Blenders blend all the fibres together. With a smoothie, you retain the pulp (which is insoluble fibre). A blended drink yields a lot more because of the pulp, and some people like that, but others find it difficult to drink all of it.

What are the benefits of juicing and blending?

We love blending and juicing because:

  • Both are a wonderful way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Both blended drinks and juice are easier to assimilate than solid food because they have been liquified.
  • Both are a healthy way to start any day!
Why Blend?


  • Depending on which juicer you may have, it can be faster to make a smoothie with less cleaning up involved.
  • Some fruits and veggies, like bananas and avocados, don’t juice well and can be blended easily.
  • Because the pulp is still in the smoothie, it can ward off hunger longer than the juice can.
  • Most people already have a blender, so start-up costs are minimal.


  • Many hard/root vegetables (beets, carrots, etc.) are difficult to blend and taste better when juiced.
  • The fibre in the smoothie slows down the absorption of (micro) nutrients and the nutritional value is not as high as a glass of juice.
Why Juice?


  • Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices furnish the body with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants and enzymes.
  • The juicer breaks open the cell wall of the plant, releasing vitamins, minerals, enzymes and living juice.
  • Juice has a higher nutritional value per kilogram. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to eat a kilogram of carrots, beets, and other leafy green vegetables in one day.
  • Juicing helps give our digestive system a break. Our bodies use most of the energy to digest food, so it is vital that we consume things that are quickly and easily digested. Fruit and veggie juices are basically pre-digested, making the nutrients more bio-available for our bodies to absorb.
  • Even if your digestive system is impaired, you can assimilate almost 100 percent of the nutrients contained in juice. Without all the insoluble fibre, the juice is absorbed into the body quickly and without any strain on the digestive system whatsoever


  • Usually involves more clean-up time.
  • More expensive than blending, as it requires more fresh produce and juicers are more expensive than blenders.
Can I make a juice with a blender?

The great news is that you don’t need a juicer to make fresh juice. If you only have a blender and still want to juice, you still can! If you get a cheese cloth, nut milk bag or something similar, you can strain your blended drink and turn it into juice. It is recommended that you drink the juice immediately, or at least within a few hours as blending at high speed creates heat, and oxidisation, which starts killing off some nutrients.

With our DIY Juice Packs you can make fresh juice whenever you want to. Simply remove your juice pack of choice from the freezer and place it in the blender, allow it to thaw for a few minutes or simply add some water, blend, strain, pour and enjoy! The pulp that remains is fantastic for composting, feeding birds or making treats for your dogs.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make a juice in your Nutribullet:

Is it true that juices have no fibre?

No – although all the insoluble fibre (pulp) is removed from the juice, all juices still contain pectin, which is a form on soluble fibre that forms a gel that slows the emptying of the stomach and helps to slow glucose absorption. Soluble fibre has also been found to help lower overall and LDL cholesterol.

Insoluble fibre slows down our bodies absorption of nutrients; it cannot penetrate the intestinal wall and does not feed the body. It is only needed, in small quantities, to keep things moving.

Are juices high in sugar?

It’s great that we are finally becoming aware of the harmful effects of sugar on our health. However, fruit sugar is unfortunately being tarnished by being painted with the same brush as white, refined sugar. The truth is that live fruit and vegetable sugars are not the same as white, refined sugars and do not cause the same harm.

Juice has a lot of calories, right?

Not really. Whatever the number is, they’re healthy calories.

Don’t be concerned about getting fat off of juice because you can look at the back of a potato chip bag and see that it has similar calories. A juice calorie isn’t the same as a potato chip calorie. These are very healthy calories, and if you’re worried about juice calories, you’re in the wrong mindset to being healthy.

Look more at the other amazing nutrients that could be in your glass. An avocado has a ton of calories, but you’ll never find anyone saying avocados will make you fat.

Does 'juicing' mean only drinking juice and not eating?

No, you can enjoy just 1 glass of juice a day and feel the benefits of it. Juicing for all of your meals is called a juice cleanse (aka ‘juice fast’ or ‘reboot’) and should be done with intention. One juice a day is a great way to get your daily dose of health.

Are our juices free of sugars, preservatives and other nasties?

All our products contain absolutely NO added or refined sugars, artificial colours, artificial flavourings, preservatives, added salt or refined fats. They are pure liquid gold with no nasties whatsoever.

How are our juices made?

We juice everything in a slow cold-pressed machine and immediately lock in the high-quality nutrients by blast-freezing them. We then deliver the juice (still frozen!) direct to your door.

Simply take the juice out the night before, place it in the fridge, and drink it when you want to the next day. Frozen juices are great additions to the lunchbox as they serve to keep things cool and by the time the kids break to eat/ drink, the juices are ready to be enjoyed!

What does it mean to “cold-press” a juice?

Real Health juices are extracted using a hydraulic press machine (known as the cold-pressed method). We prefer this method because it does not generate heat which many other production processes do, thereby altering the juices’ natural flavour and enzymes.

What is blast-freezing and how it is better than using a regular freezer?

Blast freezing is a rapid-freezing process where products are frozen at extremely low temperatures over a short period of time. The benefits are as follows:

  • Damaging bacteria within products are rendered inactive
  • Rapid temperature reduction greatly reduces the growth potential of harmful bacteria
  • Product colour, texture and nutritional value is sealed in
  • The prevention of large ice crystals forming which can damage food texture/quality
What are our bottles made from?

Our bottles are BPA free and made entirely from sugarcane and biodegrade 100% into compost. They are super safe and super strong, with 0% leaching into bottle contents.

How long can I store my juices or smoothies in the freezer?

You may refer to the ‘Best Before’ date printed on each bottle for information on specific products. In general, once the juices have been blast frozen on the date of production, they can be safely stored in your freezer for up to 3 months!

all about juice cleanses

What is a juice cleanse or juice fast?

A juice cleanse is a short-term diet that involves consuming only the juice extracted from raw vegetables and fruits. They are designed to help you detox your body, rest your digestive system (allowing time for repair), and expelling some of the built-up waste that is sitting in your colon, which may result in some weight loss.

Juice cleanses are not (and should never be) a long-term strategy for weight loss.

Why should I juice cleanse?

Juicing is an easy solution for those who don’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, but still want to take advantage of their benefits.

You should consider an occasional juice cleanse if:

  • You struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day – juicing is a convenient way to get a wide range of important nutrients, phytochemicals, and anti-oxidants.
  • You’ve been feeling sluggish and are needing a quick energy reset – you might benefit from a quick 3-day juice cleanse.
What are the benefits of juice cleansing?
  1. Nutritional Boost

Fresh pressed juices and smoothies pack a nutritional punch. They are loaded with antioxidants and immunity boosters that help your body regenerate and protect itself. Your body absorbs vitamin C better through juice. ‌

  1. Increased Energy

Our bodies use most of our energy to digest food. The more processed the food is, the more energy needed to digest it. A juice cleanse gives your body a break from the constant need to digest, whilst feeding your body lots of energy-boosting nutrients in fruits and vegetables

  1. Detoxification

No matter how careful we are, we are all exposed to toxins such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, chemicals, pesticides, inhalants, microplastics in our foods and more. It’s why detoxing is a vital tool to rid the body of these built- up of toxins. The focus is on supporting the body’s natural detoxification organs and giving it help to eliminate the toxins.

  1. Hydration

Many people don’t drink the amount of liquids required by our bodies, and as a result we suffer the effects of dehydration, including headaches, constipation, brain fog and fatigue.

Our juice cleanses each contain approx. 2L of liquid gold, and with added lemon water, water and herbal teas you will be

  1. Better digestion and improved gut health

Raw juice contains enzymes that feed the good gut bacteria which improves digestion and gut health, as well as reduce inflammation and lesson the effects of constipation and IBS.

  1. Improve overall health

Because fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, drinking juices and smoothies is a great way to boost the intake of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other anti-inflammatory compounds. These micronutrients may help support immunity, improve digestion, increase your energy levels and improve overall health.

I’d like to do a cleanse but where would I start?

We highly recommend following these guidelines in order to be fully prepared for your cleanse:

  • Consult your doctor
  • Eliminate toxic substances
  • Eat “clean”
  • Hydrate
  • Poop (yes, poop!)

As you embark on your cleanse journey, you will consume one drink approximately every 2 hours each day, in the specified order (1 to 4). Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to further support the flushing of your system!

Will I lose weight on a juice cleanse?

Following a juice fast for three to seven days may provide short-term weight loss, mainly due to the expulsion all the waste sitting in our colons and loss of retained water. It is not recommended as a long-term weight loss program.

For long-term and sustained weight loss, it is recommended to follow a healthy, balanced diet by consuming a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, lean protein, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats each day. It’s important to ensure that your intake of nutritious foods outweighs the occasional consumption of junk food.

If your goal is weight loss, remember that losing weight isn’t necessarily the same as being healthy. Exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle factors also play a major role in your overall health. The best diet is always the one that is balanced and fits your lifestyle.

Who is juicing not for?

Juice cleanses are not recommended for the following groups of people (unless a doctor has been consulted and approves of a cleanse being undertaken):

  • Young children or the very elderly
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Diabetics
  • People with advanced kidney, heart, and liver problems
  • People with a history of eating disorders
  • People who are underweight or have compromised immune systems
  • People who suffer from low blood pressure
  • Those who are taking blood sugar or blood-thinning medications

Always consult your doctor before starting a juice cleanse, especially if you are considering a cleanse lasting longer than 3 days.

What are the side effects of juice cleansing?

A cleanse is a truly unique and individual experience. Some people breeze through the process, but you need to be prepared for some less pleasant side effects (nothing to panic about as most symptoms tend to subside in under 24 hours).Some possible side effects may include the following:

  • Headaches (usually from caffeine withdrawal)
  • Spots (toxins being eliminated through the skin)
  • Furry tongue (a sign that the body is adjusting to a juice only diet, combated by cleaning teeth more regularly – however, please leave at least ½ hour after your juice before brushing)
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Moodiness (i.e. hangriness)
  • Stomach cramps
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Bad breath

These issues should go away after a couple of days but if they don’t or if they worsen, stop the cleanse and consult your doctor.

If you experience the following symptoms, stop the cleanse ASAP and call your doctor:

  • fainting
  • vomiting
  • low blood pressure
  • explosive, consistent diarrhoea

We are NOT medical doctors and we do NOT practice medicine; our cleanse programmes are NOT medical solutions; and any information from us should NOT be interpreted as medical advice.

Do your juice cleanses have fiber?

Yes, all our juice cleanses contain at least one smoothie or blend to add fiber which helps control your appetite and helps your body ‘cleanse’ itself.

Our Real Blends consist of 75% juiced and 25% blended ingredients, giving you the benefits of juice, blended with some fat-, protein-, antioxidant, and fiber-rich additions like avo, banana, and mixed berries. This leaves you feeling fuller for longer and prevents any blood sugar swings.

Our Real Smoothies are loaded with micronutrients and anti-oxidants and are a great way to consume fruits and vegetables in drinkable form. They are also high in fiber, great sources of healthy fats and protein, and are fully plant-based using our homemade nut Mylks.

How often should you do a juice cleanse?

This depends on you, and your general diet and daily lifestyle habits.

If you consume a lot of processed foods, or work long hours (in a seated position) eating mostly “convenience” foods, with little physical activity, then a 3 day juice cleanse once a month will get some good nutrients in, free up the build-up in your colon, and get your energy levels up. If this is you, check out our Colon Juice Cleanse or Detox Juice Cleanse.

If your overall eating and physical activity habits are good, with only occasional binges, then a quarterly or bi-annual reset would be beneficial. If this is you, check out our Easy Juice Cleanse or Energise Juice Cleanse.

Many people choose to do juice cleanses after the holidays or festivities where they eat a lot of rich food that are high in carbs with little or no fruit and veggies. If this is you, our Green Juice Cleanse will give you a deep green clean.

How long should I cleanse for?

Doing a juice cleanse is an extremely personal choice. We offer 1-, 3-, 5- and 7-day cleanses, with some recommendations:

  • 1-day juice cleanse is a quick and easy mid-week reset, and can be done weekly.
  • 3-day juice cleanse is our standard recommendation. Starting each month with a 3-day juice fast is a great way to set your month up for success.
  • 5-day juice cleanse is for a deep clean after a long period of overindulgence that has left you feeling sluggish, or even a bit anxious and stressed.
  • 7-day juice cleanses are generally the most rewarding experience but are not recommended for beginners – you have to know your body and your limits, or be referred by your doctor and be under medical supervision.
What am I drinking?

On each day of your juice cleanse, you will be drinking almost 2L of raw fruit & veggie goodness. That’s roughly about 4kgs of fruits and vegetables!

Each cleanse contains 4 x 475ml Juices, Smoothies and/ or Blends (per day).

For extra support we have added Free Boosters in our 3-, 5-, and 7-day juice cleanses.

Can I eat while juice cleansing?

A cleanse is meant to give your digestive system a break and traditionally it is not meant to include the consumption of any solid foods.

However, you need to listen to your body and if you need to eat, or if you are doing a 5 or 7 day juice cleanse, we would recommend having a handful of raw, unsalted nuts (almonds, brazil or walnuts), anti-oxidant rich berries or half of a fresh avocado when your body calls for it. These healthy snacks are loaded with clean fats and will help keep you sustained while further supporting the cleansing of your system.

Drink plenty of water to support cleansing and enjoy herbal tea for added antioxidants.

How do I prepare for a juice cleanse?

We highly recommend following these guidelines in order to be fully prepared for your cleanse:

  • Consult your doctor – It is important to check with your doctor that it is safe for you to do a cleanse, should you be on any chronic medication, have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Eliminate toxic substances – try to avoid all caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes – and any other harmful or illegal substances – at least 24 hours before you start your cleanse. Should you be doing a longer cleanse, it is advised that you do this for at least 3 days before you start.
  • Eat “clean” – we recommend that you eliminate processed foods, fast food, artificial sweeteners, meat, dairy and sugars from your diet for at least 24 hours before you start your cleanse. Replace these with fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, beans and other plant-based alternatives.
  • Hydrate – staying hydrated is essential for moisturising skin, maintaining regular bowel movements and neutralising the high acidity levels in our bodies.
  • Plan your cleanse over a less busy period in your week. It is advised to rest as much as possible during your cleanse.
  • Poop (yes, poop!) – To promote a healthy colon and to prepare the body for the cleanse, we recommend that you empty your bowel before you cleanse.

This is all done to prepare your body for the juices and reduce the severity of any of the less pleasant symptoms you may experience in the first few days due to withdrawal from these foods.

What do I do during the cleanse?

As you embark on your cleanse journey, you will consume one juice, smoothie or blend every 3 hours each day, in the order specified in your schedule, so it is important to cut out/limit excess and unhealthy foods such as caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, processed carbohydrates and other unhealthy foods.

Your body might experience feelings associated with a detox – headaches, fatigue, sluggishness, dehydration etc. This is why it is important to drink up! We recommend at least 1 litre of water per 30 kg of weight i.e. if you weigh 75 kg you need to drink 2.5 litres of water.

Can I exercise during a cleanse?

Intense exercise in not recommended given the lack of solid food being consumed and the high levels of energy required which may not be present. However, gentle exercise can actually help with the expulsion of toxins from the body e.g. walking, yoga, tai-chi, swimming, etc. The release of endorphins and oxytocin during exercise will also act as an appetite suppressant and allay hunger.

What do I do after my juice cleanse?

After you finish your cleanse, celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Every day that you have been drinking these juices, you have nourished your body with loads of fruits and veggies that are full of essential vitamins and nutrients. That’s something to be happy about!


Now is a great time to think about how you want to incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily regimen.

Maybe you want to swap one meal a day for a vegetable juice, smoothie, blend or possibly two? Perhaps you want to incorporate regular cleanses in your week or month, or want to try a longer cleanse next time?

Either way, here are 6 things you can do to extend that amazing feeling you experience after your cleanse:

  1. Drink warm lemon water every morning when you wake

Once you’re in the habit of drinking lemon water during your cleanse, you might find that it is something you want to continue doing post-cleanse. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach is known to improve digestion, boost metabolism and help to maintain the Ph balance of the body.

Lemons are high in Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radical damage. It also helps our bodies synthesize collagen, absorb iron, and produce hormones, leaving us with healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Being fully hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body as water is necessary for all basic functions and we naturally lose about 2 litres per day. Many common ailments like lack of energy, headaches and hunger pangs are actually signs of dehydration – so drink up for better health.

  1. Dry Brushing

This probably sounds crazy since juicing is all about cleaning you internally, but dry brushing your skin a few times a week will help get rid of dead skin and open your pores for the elimination process.

“Dry Brushing? What is dry brushing?”, we hear you ask!

Take a look at this article to learn more: https://www.byrdie.com/dry-brushing-body

You can also check out this informative video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YnVb9Ie-r0

  1. Exercise, but listen to your body and know your cycle

Exercise promotes circulation, helps boost your metabolism, and is a great way to connect with your body during your cleanse. Your energy levels can change and be a bit unpredictable during a cleanse so you may want to limit yourself to light exercise like walks, yoga, and stretching.

Even 20-30 minutes of light exercise in the day can have amazing health benefits. The most important thing is for you to pay attention to your body and what it needs.

It is important for women to understand their infradian rhythm (i.e. 28-day hormone cycle). We need to know how our metabolism, cortisol, and calorie needs change, as well as the activities we should do, and food we should eat to support our different needs throughout this cycle.

Our friends at Flo Living have suggested the following exercises for each phase of your cycle (link to original article https://www.floliving.com/workout-routine/ ):

During Menstruation

  • Workout: Walk – keep your workouts mild, even if you’re not feeling major discomfort.
  • When: An evening stroll is the perfect way to get some simple movement.

Follicular Phase (the week or so after your period)

  • Workout: Run or other cardio
  • When: Mid-day – your estrogen will be low and your cortisol levels will be just right for a challenging cardio burst.

Ovulation (mid-cycle)

  • Workout: High-intensity interval training or bodyweight circuit
  • When: Early morning – you’ll have tons of energy during this time of the month, so take advantage of that natural high! Your testosterone is higher during this phase, so whatever you do, feel free to go all out.

Premenstrual/ Luteal Phase

  • Workout: Pilates, yoga
  • When: Keep it early during the first half, and then transition into the early evening. You might still feel full of energy during the first days of your luteal phase, so feel free to keep doing more intense workouts early in the day. But if you start to experience PMS symptoms in the days before your period, it’s time to tone it down and switch to Pilates or strength training in the early evening. Restorative (yin) yoga before bed can also be hugely helpful in combating issues like moodiness and bloat.

We love Flo Living, they are experts in women’s health and we strongly suggest visiting their website as it is a phenomenal resource on all things WOMEN.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (i.e. time-controlled eating) is when you restrict eating to a specific period of time (like certain hours of the day or days of the week). The most common protocols are the 16:8 or the 5:2 fasting types.

The 16:8 involves eating during an eight-hour window, followed by 16 hours of fasting (which includes the time you’re asleep). This is simple to follow and outside of the eating and fasting windows, there are no other rules to follow.

With the 5:2 diet, you will eat normally five days a week and then eat just 500 to 600 calories on the other two days.

Known benefits of IF include:

  • weight loss,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • improved mental state,
  • reduced inflammation, 
  • improved cellular repair,
  • improve insulin sensitivity (which might help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes); and
  • reduced belly fat
  1. Reflection

Real Health is about more than ‘just juicing’, we are not a juice bar. We are all about promoting wellness of mind, body and spirit. A cleanse can help you connect with yourself on a much deeper level than you might have realized. Meditation and journaling about your day are great ways to allow the mind and body to relax.

We know this is easier said than done, so to make things easy and save you the time and overwhelm, here is a collection of our favourite meditations that ANYONE can do:

Under 10 mins

Under 20 mins

Under 30 mins

Relax & Enjoy!

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